Our Atmosphere

From the arched entrance with a heavy wooden door and ceiling rafters to the traditional Bedouin cushions and photos of camel-mounted tribesmen lining the walls, this place breathes of an era long ago.  Queen Ayola Restaurant is a fusion of Bedouin tradition and modern convenience - the perfect place to decompress after a long day of camel riding and castle hunting.

This family-friendly restaurant, which is open to the public, is on the hotel's ground floor. Madaba's main street and a dusty Arabian adventure await you just the other side of the front door.  As you are contemplating the day's adventures with the Arabic music playing in the background, don't be shy; maybe you will want to try smoking an "argeela" or strike up a conversation with one of the locals.

If all you care for is a cold drink and some "me" time, that's find too.  The restaurant features a 42 inch, wall-mounted, LCD TV with premium movie and sports channels where you can watch the newest releases from the cinemas or make sure not to miss the World Cup while you are exploring the other side of the globe.  While you are enjoying our Happy Hour specials, don't forget to Tweet about your latest adventures and upload the day's pictures to Facebook using the free WiFi.

Special Features

  • Happy Hour (Buy 2, get 1 Free)
  • Special prices on Mount Nebo Wine (from the Vineyard at Mount Nebo)
  • Authentic Jordanian Dishes Upon Request (2 hour's notice required):
    • Samak al-Mujib
    • Maglooba (4+ persons)
    • Mansaf (4+persons)
    • Da'oud Basha (4+ persons)
    • Uzi (4+ persons)
  • We host parties & large groups
  • We cater for outside events
  • Ask about our lunchboxes to go

Our Food

The food probably won't taste like Mama cooked it, but then again, Mama probably isn't from Jordan.  Queen Ayola prepares a host of strictly Jordanian dishes, some of which you won't find elsewhere in Madaba.  From Mansaf to Da'oud Basha to Maglooba, we encourage you to forget where you're from and dig in with both hands.  The Samak al-Mujib (a fish dish from Jordan's very own Mujib Valley) is highly recommended, as you won't find it anywhere else in Madaba.

In addition to our wide selection of authentic Jordanian dishes, Queen Ayola offers a few Western favorites as well, from Rib-eye Steak to Fettuccine, just in case you are little homesick.